Candle Care, Hints and Tips

We take great care to provide you with beautiful candles that smell fantastic and burn as evenly and cleanly as possible, but a candle needs your help too. Below you will find some top tips on getting the best from your candle.


The initial burn is important.  Burn your candle for the first time until the wax has pooled to the edges as much as possible. We recommend 4 hours for this initial burn.  Burning for less time can cause the candle to 'tunnel', which leaves a build-up of wax around the sides of the jar. Sometimes, a small amount of wax can remain at the side; this wax will “catch up” and melt away after a few further burns.

To prevent the glass becoming too hot, we recommend only burning your candle for 4 hours at a time. Burning for longer periods (over four hours) can also cause the wick to move, or slant and may create excess sooting.


Trimming your wick is an essential part of candle care. You should trim your wick to around 5mm before you burn your candle.  This will ensure that the candle burns evenly, and will give you as clean a burn as possible. After extinguishing the flame with a candle snuffer, centre and straighten the wick if needed. Long, or crooked wicks can create high flames, smoking, sooting or uneven burns. Trimming the wick (when the wax has set) following every burn is the easiest way to prevent this.

Use a wick trimmer to help you trim the wick, especially when it gets too low for scissors. If you do not have a wick trimmer, pinch the wick with your fingers before the next burn.

Blooms on the wick are perfectly normal, simply trim off before relighting.

Light your candle in a well-ventilated room, away from draughts which can cause sooting (black marks on the vessel), or rapid, uneven burning.

Keep the wax clear of debris, for example spent matches or burnt wick.  This may create sooting and an unpleasant, charring smell. 


Keep your candle away from children and pets. 

Keep your candle away from draughts and flammable materials.  

Never leave a candle unattended.

Avoid spraying household products near the candle. When your candle isn't in use, store in a cool dry place and cover it with a candle lid to protect the wax from dust, which can reduce the candle’s scent and cause problems during burning.

Once your candle has approximately 10mm wax left at the bottom, it is time to stop burning it. We hope you will purchase another one of our candles for your home.